Partnered with 4 The Love of Animals Foundation

We’re a small-scale farm and rescue that provides food and shelter to both domestic and farm animals. we are a safe place for them to live out their lives as we do not send to other facilities nor do we adopt out, we do sell any livestock offspring in order to provide quality of life for the sheltered. All domestic animals are spayed and neutered . We sell our wares to help support the farm and rescue. When available we also provide food for our community pet parents to help offset their expenses during hard times. Please find it in your heart to help us grow click the donate button today. Our products meet the highest industry standards,  We provide our customers with Farm Fresh Poultry, Egg,  Honey and Farm house Soap per availability we also offer: Goat Milk, Cream, and Butter

Janes Farm has partnered with 4 The Love of Animals Foundation to provide an everlasting home for farm and domestic animals we are in need of building materials and Barn cameras. we hope to go live soon so everyone can tune in to the farm and see how things are going. Thank you everyone for your support over the years.


Our Background

We hold ourselves up to the highest of standards, and have been the go to place for Farm Fresh products for 14 years. We take pride in our ability to provide our customers with totally free range products.


Janes Farm is a small micro farm and rescue selling farm fresh eggs. I am certified by the state and county to sell my bird meat for human consumption. When available we also have goat milk,  butter and cheese. stop by the farm and visit. thank you for your support

Farm House Bar soap

Handmade Farm Soap


Interested in placing an order? send a text today

1440 St Nicholas Ave
Christmas, Orange County 32709

321-696-3160 text only

Farm Fresh Eggs

#1 Seller

As our company’s pride and joy, this is our #1 best-selling product. And it’s not hard to see why - And with one of the lowest prices in the industry we’ve captured the hearts and minds of our customers.
$3.00 per dozen local pick up only

Goat Milk

Most Sought after

Goat milk available periodically
Our goats are combo herd of Lamarche, Nigerian Dwarf, Alpine, Boer and Saanen the milk you buy will be a combination of all these breeds My goats are free range and the Milk is completely farm fresh we are not organic by any means. Sold for animal consumption under the Florida feed law.Z001890. Prices starting at: $10 per quart please text for availability Local pick up at the farm only


Local Wildflower Honey

The Raw Wildflower honey I sell is local and unprocessed. all proceeds go to the farm and foundation. $15, $10 and $7 sizes Pick up at the Farm only

all my soaps are made here on the farm by hand by me. All contain Olive oil and cocoanut oil, with add ins such as Hyaluronic acid, Raw honey, Coffee, and tea tree oil text for inventory all soaps start at: $3.00 per bar pick up at the farm only

Farm Update

Our Foundation is most interested in helping our future farmers and ranchers. Janes Farm partnered with 4 The Love of Animals would like to donate baby goats to qualified kids and young adults. you must live on a homestead farm or ranch and or be involved in FFA or 4H. I will not donate a live animal for slaughter. please send your letter to jane.4thelove@gmail.com we will choose a recipient as the babies are born. please make sure you include a phone number and your email address so we can contact you. I look forward to this program growing as time goes on. Thank you everyone for you continued support..

Janes Farm Partnered with 4 The Love of Animals Foundation 501C3 85-2114200

1440 St Nicholas Ave
Christmas, Orange County 32709

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